During a period of around 15-20 days, animals go through a process called “ADAPTATION”, in which they are fed with different rations containing fiber as their main ingredient, until they reach a ration called “FINISHING”, which is the feed they will receive until they leave the lot.

Animals remain in the facility for 100 to 120 days on average. We consider Feed the registered rations taken by the amount put in the troughs.

Health treatment

Health treatment includes “all veterinary and health treatments applied to cattle during their stay in the facility”.
Health treatment is administered within the first 7 to 10 days of the animals’ stay, though there are extraordinary treatments during the feeding period administered to some or all the animals in the lot.
Supplies are bought by the feedlot, which is an advantage because we get a lower purchase price due to the large quantities consumed.

All supplies are well-known products authorized by SENASA (the National Service for Agro Food Health and Quality).
Joint pre-shipment health plans may be prepared at the place of origin to improve the performance of animals during the feeding period.


“Stay” or “holding service” means a fixed amount charged per day and per animal that remains alive at the facility during the feeding period.